Training Program #1:

POSH +Self Defense training workshop: (6 Hours)

A very unique and highly dynamic training session specifically designed for the employees of corporate organization. The Posh act imposes a mandatory obligation on the employer to build a healthy, non-discriminatory and safe workplace for its employees one of which includes organizing POSH workshops and awareness program regularly for sensitization and orientation of employees and ICC members.

The very reason that this workshop is so different from other Posh training is because this training unlike other Posh training is not just limited to the understanding of the policies and procedures of POSH, A Government of India act of 2013 for protection, prevention and redressal of sexual harassment against women at workplace.

A generic posh training is only limited to training the employees on policies, procedures, do’s and don’t’s after an act of sexual harassment at workplace concludes.

Our training on Posh Education equips the attendees with a “PAD” – PAD stands for – ( Prepare – Avoid – Deal). The employees of the corporate organizations are able to prepare before hand at all times which would prevent an event of sexual harassment to happen at first instance.

Posh education enables the attendees on personal safety and precautions to avoid sexual harassment at workplace and on street.  

Training Program #2:

Self Defense training workshop: (2 Hours)

This training is based on the principles of Martial arts called ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).  Assault analysis says that 9 out of 10 times a fight or an assault or a rape attempt goes to the ground and when on ground both the attacker and the victim is vulnerable as they have limited resources to attack or defend during such situation.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( The Gentle Art ), is an art whose technique can be applied to neutralize and attack even though the victim has a size and strength disadvantages.

In this session the attendees would be able to remove the myth of size and strength disadvantages. Especially for women who does have a size and strength disadvantages.

The attendees would learn to apply techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to neutralize an assault by applying minimum strength and gain maximum result to evade from an attack.

Note: The best part about this training program is that the attendees shall be able to apply the techniques with  just One workshop – You do not require to be a trained martial artist. It is all about building “Muscle Memory” that you can create with just one training session.   

Training Program #3:

Leadership training – Corporate Jiu jitsu: (3 Hours)

This training is designed especially for the aspiring leaders of corporate organizations to do extremely well as a leader in an organization and helps attendees to adapt the principle of leadership at workplace. It also helps in conflict resolutions by applying the principles of Martial Arts in corporate organizations workforce.


A very unique training meant for the middle & senior level management of corporate organizations. This session is in line with the application of the principles of combat martial arts in corporate world to be a better leader.

Training Program #4:

Kids – Parents (Bonding) Workshop: (1 Hour)

This training is the most exciting and fun filled as this workshop is conducted between parents and their children’s.

In this fast paced life often kids are left ignored and unattended by parents due to their busy and hectic office schedule. This workshop gives an opportunity to the parents to seal a bond with their children.

There are several games inspired by Gracie Jiu Jitsu such as Crazy horse, Cat on a tree, over-Under bridge etc which creates an environment full of fun, excitement and enables to seal a bond between parents with their kids, This workshop also enables kids to develop self confidence, balance, respect relationships and to be a team player.